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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

James, Cody, Chino, & Billy were all very kind, caring, & professional. Made an upsetting water damage situation bearable! Appreciate you all!


very professional, well mannered, and did an outstanding job with everything I needed! Would definitely recommend his crew and business! Would not think to go anywhere else.

I contacted SERVPRO® to do a job for me cleaning up my sister’s house. My sister, Laura, is handicapped with cerebral palsy and unfortunately is also a hoarder. There was a trail through the house of about 12” wide with papers and debris 2’ high. I met the crew when they showed up for the first day’s work and I was so impressed by the efficiency of the tech crew and their regard for my sister’s things.

Everybody who came to my office from SERVPRO® was excellent! I felt confident after they arrived, that everything would be OK, and it was.

I had two small children present, and the team was very courteous in handling their questions and curiosity. 

SERVPRO® of New Orleans Uptown & Mid-city is always ready whenever I need them. They provide quick service with the appropriate response no matter how big the job!

Fabulous work! The guys were polite, nice and I was amazed at how neat they left things after each day. I was pleased with the entire experience! Outstanding work!