What our Customers say...


I contacted SERVPRO® to do a job for me cleaning up my sister’s house. My sister, Laura, is handicapped with cerebral palsy and unfortunately is also a hoarder. There was a trail through the house of about 12” wide with papers and debris 2’ high. I met the crew when they showed up for the first day’s work and I was so impressed by the efficiency of the tech crew and their regard for my sister’s things.

Everybody who came to my office from SERVPRO® was excellent! I felt confident after they arrived, that everything would be OK, and it was.

I had two small children present, and the team was very courteous in handling their questions and curiosity. 

Very good service.  I felt comfortable leaving the key in their hands to handle everything.  

Outstanding employees, prompt response, trustworthy, took extra care around my wife's medical condition. Continuous on site supervision was impressive. I would recommend SERVPRO® of New Orleans Uptown & Mid-city to anyone. 

SERVPRO® of New Orleans Uptown & Mid-city is always ready whenever I need them. They provide quick service with the appropriate response no matter how big the job!

I did not anticipate the kind of hazard that mold could be, but fortunately, it wasn’t around for very long once I got ahold of your company. Your team is the real deal. 

The flooding could have been so much worse to my home if not for the rapid response of your team, thank you all so much for the dedication that you have to your customers. 

Many depend on the business for providing for their families, and I worried that the recent fire would keep all of my employees out of a job for a long time. Your company was remarkable fast and expertly attuned to fixing our problems. We all thank you. 

Job well done, crew worked weekends to ensure demo completed as quickly as possible.

This team helped my unfortunate experience be as painless as possible. They were always happy and carried a welcoming spirit! Thank you SERVPRO® of New Orleans Uptown & Mid-city

Fabulous work! The guys were polite, nice and I was amazed at how neat they left things after each day. I was pleased with the entire experience! Outstanding work!

The crew was great and so cooperative in working around our schedules. Great work SERVPRO!

Excellent Service 

Outstanding services