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Fire Damage Testimonials

I had serve pro come out for fire damage and Jeremiah was great! Will definitely use them again  


We had a kitchen fire that caused smoke and fire extinguisher powder to go throughout our downstairs. James and his crew are AMAZING! I have been so impressed with their attention to detail, courtesy, and communication. Excellent job! I can’t imagine anyone doing any better!

SERVPRO came when my husband accidentally burned half of our kitchen. They were professional, quick, and restored my kitchen back to what it was. Thank you SERVPRO.

Many depend on the business for providing for their families, and I worried that the recent fire would keep all of my employees out of a job for a long time. Your company was remarkable fast and expertly attuned to fixing our problems. We all thank you. 

Job well done, crew worked weekends to ensure demo completed as quickly as possible.

Excellent Service